PROJECT MERIT Radiological Decontamination

SIA Solutions Four Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) aircraft, contaminated by radiological fallout from Fukushima, were purchased by the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) to increase fleet capability. SIA Solutions, LLC (Houston, TX), in partnership with government agencies, conducted radiological surveys to establish baseline conditions, performed decontamination, and provided radiological remediation support during aircraft disassembly of four MH-53 Navy Helicopters radiologically contaminated from the Fukushima disaster. Fieldwork associated with this project was performed from 2017 to 2020.  Over the course of the three-year project, SIA conducted scans of accessible areas, direct radiation measurements, analysis via Gamma Spectroscopy Systems, bulk counter measurements and removable contamination measurements of MH-53 Helicopter airframes and associated components, collecting over 3,662 samples. Results were submitted for review to Naval Sea Systems Command Radiological Controls Program Office (NAVSEA 04N). Where radionuclide concentrations exceeded project release levels, the extent and type of contamination was further defined and a means of decontamination provided for review. Decontamination was performed as required and disposition of components deemed waste and all secondary waste generated during project activities was executed upon approval from multiple government agencies. As a result of SIA’s work, no further actions are required to protect human health and the environment.

TECHNOLOGY MERIT Eco-Friendly Stabalization of Navigational Waterways

SIA Solutions SIA Solutions, LLC (Houston, TX), in partnership with USACE, Marine Design Center and USACE, Vicksburg District, for supporting design, development, demonstration, and testing of an innovative solution to install navigational stabilization materials to reenforce the levee system, prevent scouring and sustain defined channels for vessel traffic on the Mississippi River. The “Mat Sinking Barge Prototype” project provides a new technology solution for USACE to integrate into DOD’s program to maintain navigational waterways with minimal impact to the ecosystem and surrounding environment. This prototype enhances the process for the installation of revetment materials that will stabilize riverbanks and ensure critical navigation waterways are available to complete DOD’s mission. SIA and partners designed, fabricated, and tested an automated articulated concrete mattress (ACM) emplacement technology, including the integration of automated mechanical, sensing, and control systems for future installation on a barge vessel platform. Through this new technology solution, SIA and its government clients identified, developed and demonstrated a modern Mat Sinking technique that utilizes automation and robotics to make the process efficient while reducing environmental impact and improving personnel safety.

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