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We provide project and program-specific solutions in a wide range of technical services, developing and implementing solutions by drawing on the extensive experience of our professional staff.

Services Support Areas

Infrastructure Asset Management

SIA Solutions is an industry leader in Infrastructure Asset Management, Alternative Procurement & Third-Party Financing, Public-Private Partnerships (P3/P4), and Sustainability Solutions for our Federal, State, and local government partners. In these challenging times, our clients, more than ever, require creative procurement and funding solutions to address the widening gap between resources and requirements to leverage technology advancement, improve safety and security, repair/replace aging Infrastructure, capitalize under-utilized assets, and improve efficiency. SIA’s integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to Asset Management includes planning for new Infrastructure, Implementation, and Disposition strategies – for funded and unfunded priorities – to optimize asset value.

Asset Management Services:

  • Strategic Engagement and Facilitation
  • Capital Investment Planning and Analysis
  • Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Decision Modeling andAnalysis
  • Innovative FAR and Non-FAR Based Contracting/Procurement Solutions
  • Deal Structure and Closure
  • Owners Rep (Market DD, RPX, EUL, MHPI, UP, BRAC)
  • Repurposing Stranded & Distressed Assets
  • Operations & Maintenance (Energy, Water/Wastewater, Remediation Systems)
  • NEPA Compliance

Environmental & Radiological

SIA Solutions’ professional environmental engineers, scientists, and managers possess a proven track record of accomplishments in evaluating project requirements and assisting clients in making informed and sound decisions. SIA has the technical skills and field experience to efficiently execute projects of any size and degree of complexity to remediate hazardous waste sites, inactive waste sites, and low-level radioactive waste sites. We plan and implement innovative and cost-effective solutions to obtain site closure, and reduce risk and liability, which allows for prudent decision-making.
We hold a US NRC Broad Scope license to manage by-product materials and deploy the latest software, equipment, and technology to ensure the delivery of world-class services. SIA offers highly trained experts in radiological services, including Certified Health Physicists (CHP), Department of Defense-approved Senior Waste Brokers and Transportation Specialists, as well as Radiological Technicians.

Environmental Services:

  • Program/Project Management andImplementation Support
  • Regulatory Planning, Liaison andSupport
  • Facility assessments and Environmental Assessments (EAs)
  • CERCLA/RCRA/TSCA Compliance
  • Remedial Investigations
  • Remedial Designs/Actions
  • Contaminant Management Actions (Bioremediation/Solidification)
  • Site Restoration, Closure andLong-Term Operations & Management
  • Design and implementation of radiological surveys
  • Decontamination and decommissioning of radiologically contaminated buildings and facilities
  • Radioactive Waste Management
  • Regulatory planning, liaison, and support


SIA Solutions provides nationwide services including energy policy, programmatic services, installation energy and water plans, energy-water master planning, resource efficiency management (REM), energy resilience, renewable energy, construction, and technological assessment. SIA can provide solutions to our client’s energy resilience and efficiency challenges using innovative approaches that leverage third party financing and creative procurement strategies to reach their goals. SIA integrates our technical expertise with environmental, engineering, and construction solutions to bring energy projects quickly and cost-effectively to market. Working together with our Infrastructure Asset Management Services, SIA supports the establishment of public- private partnerships and grant programs that enable our government clients to eliminate up-front capital costs for their energy projects.
Our technical staff is active in working with academia on developing innovative technical solutions to apply to specific government energy challenges.

SIA’s professional energy team offers a suite of consulting and delivery services focused on resiliency, demand side energy management, distributed generation, renewable energy technology, development services, and project integration.

Energy Services:

  • Planning, development, acquisition, and integration
  • Other Transactional Agreements (OTAs)
  • Intergovernmental Support Agreements (IGSAs)
  • Enhanced Use Leases (EUL)
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Utility Privatization (UP) and Energy Services Performance Contracting (ESPC) programs
  • Installation Energy Master Planning (IEMP)
  • Resource Efficiency Management (REM)
  • Retro-commissioning (RCx)
  • Air emissions permitting, emission inventories, data analysis & regulatory applicability
  • SPCC and SWPPP planning for utilities

Advanced Technologies & Robotics

SIA Solutions is committed to our client centric culture by providing solutions to our client’s greatest challenges. Our clients are constantly challenged with constrained budgets and in keeping up with the fast pace in technology advancements that could vastly improve their mission and keep them competitive. SIA has aligned our emerging technology applications business line services to provide solutions that help tackle these challenges. While technology solutions are emerging every day, SIA specializes in matching specific technology advancement into full application across our client’s organizations. Specifically, SIA is developing, designing, and constructing some of the largest advanced robotics solutions for Department of Defense (DOD). These solutions also include robotics manufacturing solutions that help improve efficiency while also allowing DOD to source key products locally at affordable prices vs. importing from outside the US.

We also are breaking ground with advanced pilot studies as we align third party financing for the beneficial reuse of dredge material at major ports across the world. We have been selected for a CSO contract by the U.S. Air Force that offers innovative approaches to helping the Department of Defense, Military, and their families with improved communication through leveraging 5G networks.

SIA keeps our clients on the cutting edge of technology advancement by integrating our technical and financial expertise combined with our strong network with the top Universities and teaming partners across the World. SIA will remain committed to continue to advance this business line in effort to address our clients greatest mission needs and technology application solutions now and well into the future.

Technology Application Services:

  • Robotics and Robotics Manufacturing
  • Energy and Maintenance IOT Solutions
  • Advanced Metering and Sensors
  • 5G as a Service
  • Beneficial Reuse
  • Industrial Automation

Key NAICs Codes

  • 541330  –  Engineering Services

  • 541618  –  Other Management Consulting Services

  • 541620  –  Environmental Consulting Services

  • 561210  –  Facilities Support Services

  • 562910  –  Environmental Remediation Services

  • 541690  –  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services