Project Description

Location: Northern Illinois
Client: PSC Industrial Outsourcing, LLC
Project Description:
In support of PSC Industrial Outsourcing, LLC (PSC), work with the Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd),SIA is providingsenior technical support in validating waste manifest data and in the production of various waste inventory documents required by regulatory agencies. The reports being prepared by PSC and SIA for ComEd include:

  • EPCRA Tier II Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Reporting – IEMA and others (for over 120 facilities)
  • Hazardous Waste Annual Report – IEPA
  • Chicago Liquid Waste Reporting and Fee Calculations
  • Cook County Hazardous & Special Waste Reporting – and Fee Calculations
  • PCB Annual Waste Report – USEPA

For each Report, the PSC-SIA team

  • Validates the accuracy of manifest data entered in the PSC Waste Tracker Portal
  • Reviews, selects, assembles and summarizes data necessary for each report
  • Prepares all final submittal components for ComEd review and submittal.

Part of the challenge is the scope of the ComEd waste program, which involves as many as 25,000 manifested waste shipments annually.

SIA Project Highlights

  • Improved data quality through 100% validation
  • Assisted in development of waste tracking spreadsheets