Project Description

Technical Document Reviews
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Client: CALIBRE Systems, Inc.
In support of CALIBRE’s tasks with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund program, SIA provided senior technical support in reviewing environmental restoration documents as described below:

  • Sampling and Analysis Plans
  • Quality Assurance Project Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring Reports

SIA provided comments, evaluated applicable regulations and employed professional expertise to better understand existing environmental conditions in groundwater and support remedial actions necessary to improve groundwater quality and usability.

Environmental Review for Front Range ICEMAP
Location: Front Range, Colorado
Client: Marstel-Day, LLC
Project Description:
SIA supported a team developing a prototype Regional Installation Complex Encroachment Management Action Plan (ICEMAP) for the 5 military bases located in the Front Range region of Colorado. ICEMAP evaluates and proposes mitigation strategies on how regional development may impact the ability of the forces at these bases to train and operate.
SIA prepared a background document detailing the conservation status and ecological resources at or around these. This document was a resource for the team evaluating encroachment concerns surrounding each of these bases and the Front Range region.

Regulatory Document Review
Location: Gary, Indiana
Client: Majestic Gary Land Trust
Project Description:
Having completed 6 environmental assessment and investigation projects at the Buffington Harbor location of the Majestic Star Casino, SIA’s Mark Knight was asked by The Majestic Gary Land Trust to review draft No Further Remediationand Environmental Restrictive Covenantdocuments prepared by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. These documents will impact all future use of 165 acres of the Buffington Harbor site. Mr. Knight reviewed the documentation for accuracy of the parcel descriptions and dataemployed and the requirements of the Environmental Restrictive Covenant and provided a letter report detailing our findings and recommendations.

Phase I ESAs, PCAs and Compliance Reviews
Location: Various Locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
Clients: Confidential Client
Project Description:
In support of a corporate purchase by a national waste management corporation, SIA conducted simultaneous Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Property Condition Assessmentsand regulatory Compliance Reviews at four regional recycling centers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. These facilities accept a mixed stream of recyclables and then separate steel, aluminum, glass paper, cardboard and a variety of plastic materials for sale and reuse.
SIA conducted Buyer’s due diligence of these facilities on a fast-track basis. As three of these facilities had been employed for other industrial purposes prior to being renovated as recycling centers, a considerable number of historical documents and environmental actions (e.g., earlier ESAs and remediation projects) had to be examined in order to develop a complete understanding of environmental conditions at each site.

Environmental Liability Review
Location: Gary, Indiana
Client: The Majestic Star Casino, LLC
SIA was retained by this Client to assist in their analysis of whether to sell two parcels of land, totaling 16 acres, from their facility. SIA reviewed documentation (i.e., ESAs, NFR letters and ERCs) concerning environmental conditions and identified liabilities associated with each parcel.
An environmental liability refers to potential costs that may be incurred, post-transaction, related to some or all of the assets being acquired. These costs may impose environmental obligations on owners or operators of the property, reduce the value of the property, or restrict the use or marketability of the property.
Following the document review, SIA produced an Environmental Liability Review Report which summarized the environmental conditions associated with each parcel. SIA then evaluated the risk associated with each of the conditions and provided the client with an overall ranking of the risk associated with each parcel.

Environmental Site Assessments
Location: Peebles, OH & Liganeer, IN
Clients: Northeast Wood Products, LLC;
The Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut.
Conducted Buyer’s due diligence of two mothballed facilities used for the manufacture of wood pellet fuel from sawdust. SIA was contracted by the Client just weeks before the scheduled closing on the purchase of these facilities; we mobilized to complete the inspections of these facilities, conduct Agency file reviews, interview former facility employee familiar with their operation and obtain regulatory databases for analysis on a fast-track basis. SIA completed an ESA for each facility in time support the scheduled closing. In addition, we obtained for our Client the liability protections afforded by the US EPA Standards and Practices for “All Appropriate Inquiries” (AAI 40 CFR Part 312).

Remediation Services

UST Removal Oversight
Location: Deerfield, Illinois
Client: Law Offices of Barbara Hyman
SIA provided underground storage tank (UST) removal oversight services at a residential property in Deerfield Illinois. This UST removal was complicated by the location of this heating oil tank beneath a natural gas supply pipeline and immediately adjacent to a residence. As a result, the tank had to be excavated manually, and cut into pieces in place to avoid damaging the natural gas line.
A senior SIA staff member was on-site for all project activities and to ensure that this tank was removed in accordance with applicable regulations. Additionally, we ensured that potentially impacted soil was excavated and properly packaged for off-site disposal. After completion of the fieldwork, SIA produced a letter report detailing field activities and providing our client with photo documentation of the UST removal process.

Project Management Support
Location: McClellan Park, CA
Provided technical and administrative project management support for a remediation project. Responsibilities included:

  • Planning and coordination of work,
  • management of subcontractors
  • database development,
  • evaluation of technical approaches, and
  • field data assessments.