Project Description

Location: Various Nationwide
Client: Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA) and TerranearPMC, LLC
Project Description:
As part of a project for the Air Force Community Partnership Program, a Business Case Analysis (BCA) was conducted to assess development alternatives for small arms indoor range facilities at various Air Force installations. Installations evaluated included those where small arms ranges, both indoor and outdoor, are:

  • Aged and outdated facilities and which are
  • Inadequate and inefficient for proper training, readiness and moralefor the mission. or
  • Inadequate in terms of safety and security.

The scope of the BCA comprised of the assessment of these development alternativesincluding:

  • Renovation of the existing facility with operations and maintenance funds,
  • Construction of a new facility with MILCON funds, and
  • Development of a new facility through a Community Partnership agreement,

We evaluated the costs/benefits of each alternative to satisfy the mission. Program requirements were determined as: space planning and the Air Force’s technical requirements and the installations’ specific requirements. The BCA identified eight development alternatives which first focused on the source of funding, the fund amount per source, and the possible deal structure. A Life Cycle Cost analysis calculated and compared a Net Present Value (NPV) of the fund amount over the term of the agreement for each alternative. A Benefits Analysis assessed and scored non-monetary factors, including mission effectiveness, safety/security and morale. A Sensitivity Analysis assessed variables in the NPV per alternative. The assessment factors were compared and evaluated with a conclusion and recommendation for a preferred development alternative.

SIA Project Highlights

  • BCAs to evaluate range replacement or renovation funding