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SIA understands that the asset serves a greater business purpose, specifically to generate income from operations. To this end, SIA conducts integrated environmental and facility assessments and provides recommendations with a view to the assets’ contribution to operating expenses, capital reserves, occupancy, and asset value.  With an understanding of the client’s goals, SIA may propose value-adding improvements intent on sustaining a customer-focused competitive advantage and enhance asset value.

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8(a), SDB, MBE, DBE & SB                              

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Houston, Texas 

15115 Park Row, Suite 125
Houston, Texas 77084

Phone: (866) 768-4625

Baltimore, Maryland 

300 E Lombard St., Suite 1430
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Phone: (410) 949-1780

Washington D.C. 

1737 King St, Suite 200
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Phone: (202) 991-8600

Sacramento, California 

5012 Luce Ave., Suite 103, Rm 201
Sacramento, California 95652

Phone: (916) 539-5036